These are just my collections of volumes that I have kept, it actually started as an online journal to store certain memories, thoughts, passions, dreams and things that I have grown to become very fond of. You can consider it a devotion that I wish to share to the world. I choose to not limit myself but intend to share the most significant and insignificant experiences that I have gained in the journey of my life.

And this is THE STORY SO FAR!





1. To conduct ourselves as true and valiant Filipino’s who are brave and loyal Filipino’s, prepared to defend, first and foremost, our basic human rights to life, liberty, and the benefits of authentic local autonomy with social concern for the poor and the disadvantaged, notably the women and the youth.
2. To pursue economic prosperity, availing of modern technology with caution and due consideration of the dignity of human labor, ecological balance, minimizing gaps between urban and rural development, labor and management, as well as trade imbalances, maintaining world competitiveness in the production of goods and services.
3. To accelerate construction, improvement or rehabilitation of infrastructure support and utilities to give due access to the most distant and deprived, as well as to the productive sector, investors, domestic and foreign tourists, preserving in the process our rich and colorful historical and cultural heritage.
4. To account for the judicious use of public funds in effecting prompt delivery of public good and services for the general welfare, giving due recognition to the efforts and contribution of the private sector.
5. To be innovative and flexible in the administration of personnel matters, government properties, functions and efforts at community organization and development, reinforcement of GO-NGO collaboration and dynamic leadership in Local Governance.



I seem that I am already coming up against one of the greatest obstacles in my account. The heights to which our deeds rose, the spiritual plane of experience to which they belong might be made proportionately more comprehensible to the reader if I were permitted to disclose to him the essence of the League’s secret. But a great deal, perhaps everything will remain incredible and incomprehensible. One paradox, however, must be accepted and this is that it is necessary to continually attempt the seemingly impossible. I agree with Siddhartha, our wise friend from the East, who once said:

“Words do not express thoughts very well; everything immediately becomes a little different, a little distorted, a little foolish. And yet it also pleases me and seems right that what is of value and wisdom to one man seems nonsense to another.” Even centuries ago the members and historians of our League recognized and courageously faced up to this difficulty. One of the greatest of them gave expression to it in an immortal verse:

“He who travels far will often see things
Far removed from what he believed was truth.
When he talks about it in the fields at home,
He is often accused of lying,
For the obedience accused of lying,
For the obdurate people will not believe
What they do not see and distinctly feel.
Inexperience, I believe,
Will give little credence to my song.”

Lights! Camera! Action!

1. Volume 1 – The Art of the Duel

This is a basic instructional guide. In handling all levels of instructional. You must be able to discern the level of play: Novice ( High School Kids), Intermediate (College Level), and Advance (Open’s / National / International).

This will also include formats in building a team. It is truly essential that you provide a team, group of individuals, or your class direction – Where they are going and regularly rotate your methods based on the reality that every line-up of a team will change. In that reality the skill-set of the team also must play a role in defining the fencing program. Fencing service is a 4 year action plan. You must learn to complete the circle to truly embrace the nobility of the sport. Some fencing instructors like me have to commit an entire lifetime to the sport. Due to my own knack of inspired creativity, fencing knowledge and experiences that I have gained through my own failures. Probably lost it all to gain it back and once again the challenge of The Art of the Duel commences itself. A curse if you choose to view it that way, but the only blessing is that my horizon changes, leading me towards enlightenment. Only when the The Art of the Duel is enlightened will you truly embrace the sport for what it truly is. It is the arrogance of a contemporary that I can only hope that someone will be able to break the barrier of the wall and see the opportunity that fencing presents.

But “The Art of The Duel” allows one to go back to the beginning, at the start and unravel what is the real essence of the sport. Fencing knowledge is tactical, specific and it must be adaptable. There is no actual guide in how you wish to impart knowledge but you must logically structure your lessons and ensure that it is progressive. Something new must be presented. And it should not be only for the best in the group or class, but to all those who wish to engage into the art of the duel. Discrimination of an elitist mind is the downfall of the Duellist. Open the door of opportunity and S.E.R.V.E. your students by teaching them how to duel. May it be slow, fast – the real truth at hand is that after four years they learned how to fence through your guidance.



-Coach Angelo-

2. Volume 2 – A Knight’s Tale:

Called to S.E.R.V.E.!

-A Knights Tale-

The Quest of the Knight embarks itself…..
The Journey to the dream of Camelot initiates….and begins from within.

The CIE Fencing League was first established in 1999. It was in that year the Fencing Program began its regime. But like all humble beginnings it was only the beginning of the awareness of the sport to grow and to progress to what it is today. We are nowhere near where we want to be, but we are a lot closer to the dream of achieving a sound mind, body, and soul – bringing us closer to Romantic Intellectualism. For it is not the ranks or medals for these soon all fade and it becomes the truth in the lie. The inspired creativity that is not technical, specific, but it is adaptive. That in one way or another we have gained the precise control, the flash of inspired creativity, the intense concentration and other acts of intellectualism. That is when the sport of fencing has embraced us and we have known that the blessed sword has touched’ our life. For in that moment we have rekindled the flame of passion for the sport and we can harness our championship spirit.

Determination: Discipline: Passion: Sportsmanship

Integrity: Commitment: Loyalty

We are not a team renowned with success. Our in house competitions allow us to still gain experience but it limits us to experience gained from within the school grounds. We rarely compete in the collegiate level: we have gained success in Novice and High school sanctioned events. But to learn the noble sport of fencing at a young age gives one a technical advantage. Majority of our former members during their collegiate years have participated in well-known collegiate teams, some have joined national rankings and some have participated in major collegiate events. In that we are still growing, and hopefully the League of Extraordinary CIE fencers will leave a mark of SUCCESS!


THE FENCINGDUELLISTCENTER was first launched in 2007 as a new club that is open to the general public. It was for the mere purpose of promoting fencing and developing the students from any institution. At that point in time it was open for the general public but majority of the membership still comprised of CIE students. With that the first batch under “The Fencing Duellist Center” came to be…. Early in 2007 Messer’s Justin Jay Siao Chua and Angelo Narciso Angel began to conceptualize their privately owned business for their practicum output for their requirement for graduation in Business Administration at the Centre for International Education. The partnership commenced itself and the processing to complete all permits and paper works began to assure that this is a professional establishment complied to operate. It was the start of a new business venture and we were able to fully comply with all of the requirements.

The company was officially launched in March of 2007 with the standard requirement to operate released by the Official Government of the Philippines that we mandated our company’s image to the obligations and contracts to operate a company or establishment within the Philippines. The company operated from 2007-2010 and with that we maintained the commitment to serve that nation by complying with all terms regarding the payments of taxes that are required to be released by the nation. With that we complied with the most basic and simple rules of conformity towards the basic root and foundation of government.

The same tradition continued in 2008 but we had more students from outside of CIE joining and enrolling into the various fencing services and programs. Market growth has reached another level of development and the operations had become more stable. This company is labeled as part of a service intensive industry. But we focused on the development of the sport of fencing entirely. We provided the service to develop and train pupils. But our main market group was naturally geared towards youth development and can best be viewed as a non-profit organization. We did not only develop the pupils in the areas of physical development only but on all spheres of growth. We assist and facilitate growth in areas such:

• Spiritual Growth • Mental Growth • Emotional Growth • Physical Growth

In the last 3 years of the company’s operations the expansion of the market growth had grown relatively high. Not only was this a sign of the potential of market growth in Cebu but in those 3 years the President was able to become an Accredited Fencing Instructor released by PAFA Philippine Amateur Fencing Association. This accreditation allows me to handle all novice and intermediate levels on a competitive level in all weapons of fencing. To be able to mandate fencing classes in the beginner, intermediate and advance levels of instruction. In that successful feature small fencing clubs gave rise in various institutions in Cebu with CFDC as the training arm. Institutions such as Centre for International Education, Cebu International School, Bright Academy, Sacred Heart Jesuits, Sacred Heart School for Girls and PAREF WestBridge have sought out the companies tutelage to develop and further enhance the student awareness of the sport of fencing. Sad to say the company filed for closure in 2010 due to various personal reasons.

THE FENCINGDUELLISTCENTER – We are currently on hiatus. We offer our services still but it is only a momentary contract for a certain period of time. Right now we are focusing on other methods to pull in more income towards the development of cash capital in the construction of an EXCLUSIVE FENCING HALL where in we can facilitate our fencing classes and provide quality fencing education to all.

This is not an instructional guide but it tells a story. The quest of a Knight (which is all of us). May it be the grand champion, the fencers in the middle of the rankings, the last ranked fencer, or the fencer still trying to find his place in the world of fencing. But we can only go to where we want to go through persistence, endurance and the passion of the sport. The information may be accurate, it may even be inaccurate, but I tell it from how my eyes saw it. What the eyes see truly matters especially in a world where communication must be uncluttered. It is not of grievance or an exhilaration of joy but it is how the Quest of the Knights of the Round Table came to be.

I have the pleasure to say that I am a proud member of this league, I have taught many on how to excel in this league, and helped many fencers that were ranked at the bottom to push themselves to get to the top. It is just a game but like life – if you are at the Top, someone will always be there to push you off and again you must repeat the cycle of life. You must climb again but this time with a whole new perspective. Your eyes have been opened and you can see the Quest and it will change you. Only a Knight can understand the greatness of the Duel and only through that understanding can you see The Art of The Duel and how it has become the change in this world.

I also included the hierarchy of the Knight, Order of the Knights description, and the start of Transformation. It is very important that we learn to grow and accept our own defeats. It is our struggles from within that we must endure and rid ourselves so that we can seek the enlightenment of growth. I must be honest, I am nowhere near where I want to be, I am a lot closer than when I started. But knowing the beginning of it all gives me pure joy to know the potential that The Knight Possesses. The Knight is a man of order and service. It is our Knightly virtue to play the code of chivalry to the ends of the Earth.


Called to E.X.C.E.L.!

3. Volume 3 – The Paladin of the Light:


Called to E.X.C.E.L.!

It is quite difficult teaching a skilled sport. Knowing the mere fact that it is truly competitive and naturally the arrogance of intelligence and the mere testosterone level of the Knight’s affect the mind and it can consume you. But when tactical skill and fencing knowledge reaches a certain level. You have been to the top, you have hit the bottom and you have climbed back up again you must realize that form is no longer an issue. Neither is discipline. It is easily conquered. But you now must look at the truth at hand. What is the truth at hand: “Substance is more important than form”. Only when we understand the type of substance that we are truly looking for we can see that our world will be able to transcend before us. It is no longer the code of honor, the acts of chivalry or our passion towards service. But we must now realize what real transformation is and how it entails itself.

The Paladin of The Light, is no longer a man bound down by his armor. He must leave the Order of the Knights, The Knights of the Round Table and look at the life that we can hopefully one day have. It is when you truly understand what being noble is will you be able to fathom what being The Paladin of the Light is all about. We are all noble naturally, our birth right is there, it flows through our veins, and in that we have inherited the greatest gift of all – NOBILITY. But only when we can unravel it and see it change our lives we can truly embrace what being noble really is.

I am nowhere near that life, but my heart does yearn and dream of a life that truly matters. It is hard but I must continue with my service in teaching such a rare sport. A sport that requires so much skill. The magic is not what it use to be, but for mere seconds I still get hit by the silent powers of inspiration of what the Knights can still do. But I continue to move forward, it becomes my own anthem, and in that I still declare that I am nowhere near where I want to be. But I am fascinated with what these young Knights can still do. We are never the greatest, but we aren’t the worst either. But I can only hope that in the next few years there lives will be something more and the future will grant them great opportunity. I cannot predict the future, I can only hope when I face the Giants – I can see a different horizon once again.

“It is not the choices that we make, it is what we do with the time given to us.”
Albus Dumbledore – Hogwartz Headmaster

Called to S.E.R.V.E.!


-Coach Angelo-

4. Volume 4 – The Way of the Duellist:


One of the hardest realities of this sport is due to its rarity, which makes it truly unique only a few are aware of it. The awareness of the sport has truly been the major set-back. This isn’t a struggle presented only today, but this struggle has been presented since the dawn of time. Since man used wooden sticks or bolos for combat for mere survival. It is the lack of understanding of what is truly essential in the development of the sport – at its core, its true essence is sword fighting. Sword play as we may assume it to be or what it aught to be.

The acts of sword play is acts of chivalry, honed and developed by royalty. The elite of society are the creators of the sport and they are also the destroyers of its potential. A rushed preparation, lack of knowledge or awareness or they don’t know what it entails and give up at the first step of engagement. It is tough looking at charts, studying facts, and seeing that the goal did not meet the actual. You push too hard you don’t quite make it, you don’t push at all you never get there, and the inches of opportunity are all around us. The only fact is what we are going to do. Do we spend all our money, do we save what little we have acquired. It is the challenge of the Duel that most frightens us. So what do we do – nothing, we cannot manipulate the Duel. We can only impart knowledge and teach those that are willing to learn and embrace the sport. The economics of the sport is naturally a business. Only an elitist mind, not of arrogance of skill, for skill can be taught. Even a man at the Squire Level can reach the highest level of distinction. But it understands why only the elitist can hone, develop, wield and manipulate The Art of The Duel.

The elite mind, must be intelligent and truly knowledgeable in the sport. The experience must justify the scientific knowledge gained from such a rare and unique sport. Excellence is only an anecdote of what one can acquire. But we must know now, and accept the fact that only a few can avail of its opportunity. Not all are destined to embrace The Art of Duel. But what we can promote is the awareness and grant knowledge to know that The Art of The Duel must become a very powerful positive influence on all those that wish to partake, join and delve into the World of Romantic Intellectualism….The Art of The Duel must grant freedom.

Many have been torn asunder by the contemporary of such a rare art. Even I have succumbed to it; I have allowed my own pride to depict glory and victory. Grant it to others and watch and see them fail to see the harsh reality. That many will come and go, and I am only left with an inch (a name in a long list of knights that have come and gone). But my eyes see it entirely differently than those that were able to partake of the opportunity only granted to those that wish to delve into the world of fencing. I cannot say that there is only one experience; others may view it entirely different than I. But what I can say is that only when we open our minds – broaden the horizon of fencing knowledge and be able to successfully impart fencing knowledge – can we share it to the world. We must be able to tell our stories so we can help others get back into the light. We must open our eyes to see the truth in the lie….

Quiero hablarte de algo…


-Coach Angelo-

5. Volume 5 – DUELO:


“DUELO” it sound funny right. This proud Cebuano event once rang bells of truth in the ears of our fellow Cebuanos. May it be only a few joined, but in that it few we still were given the pride to take part in an opportunity? But we now must seek what the real essence of Duelo truly is. It is not that we spend our own personal money to host an event, anyone with money can achieve that, and we must not avail of sponsors that are someone else’s wealth. It is only truly beneficial that we see what the real struggle is. What the challenge ought to be, that it is not our own personal money, it is when your own organization can afford such an event and ensure that we are able to equate and balance the wealth that must come back strong fold.

I hate pride. But I have so much pride being a Cebuano that I only believe that we should go to Manila and compete only. Even for a day. But what I want to see is an event that only Cebuano Leagues, teams all Cebuano fencers have a Duelo event availed to and exclusive for us Cebuanos only. That the Manila teams will request to be invited. Not us wanting to be invited by Manila. But this can only be achieved if we can achieve putting up leagues in various schools in Cebu. I have chosen 7 targeted schools and I have had my fair share of success and defeats there but I still move forward:

CIE – 1999 – PRESENT
SHS-J – 2007 – 2009
CIS – 2007 – 2009
BRIGHT – 2007 – CLOSED – 2013 – PRESENT
Uncharted (Rejected or the event got canceled):
PAREF Springdale
PAREF South Crest
Woodridge International School

I have chosen these schools due to its exclusive tuition’s. It means that the parents can afford the sport. But once again a challenge is presented. The clinic may last for only 3 months and the next clinic you avail it either gets canceled or you have a whole new set of kids. You have to start again from the beginning with students who are completely unaware again of the sport. You can only wonder where the original student went. I am nowhere near conquering getting all 7 schools. When the League in each school will have its own in house competitions, create their own fencing teams, and compete regularly. But only when all 7 start and it regulates itself every year will I see the future that I dream of. Once all 7 have been conquered I can move on to conquer a new challenge – The Colleges in Cebu and there are about 14 colleges in various campuses in Cebu.

Never try public schools, I have tried already. You will end up spending more money and the turnover of lessons and technique is too slow. With the amount of students you will feel like you are going nowhere. It is better to build from the exclusive schools and you can be assured a turnover and that the kids can learn the sport at least. You can ensure quality may it not be in quantity. After 10 years of valiant fencing services and the struggles that are part of it – I am still nowhere near where I dream Cebuano fencing should be. Not even at the halfway point. But I must still moving forward and only Hope that it will come to be…..To know that I tried have despite my heart, soul and mind may fall weary of not being near where I want fencing to be.


To weep is risk appearing sentimental.
To reach out for another is to risk involvement.
To expose feelings is to risk exposing your true self.
To place your idea’s, your DREAM’S, before a crowd is to risk their loss.
To love is to risk dying.
To hope is to risk failure.
But risk must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.
If you risk nothing and do nothing, you dull your spirit.
You may avoid suffering and sorrow, but cannot learn, fell, change, grow, love and LIVE.
Chained by your certitudes, you are a slave.
You have forfeited your freedom.



-Coach Angelo-

6. Volume 6 – A Beautiful Lie:

This inexperience has also created the position where, now that publicity is being given to our journey which once roused thousands to ecstasy, it is not only forgotten but a real taboo is imposed upon its recollection. History is rich in examples of a similar kind. The whole of world history often seems to me nothing more than a picture book which portrays humanity’s most powerful and senseless desire – the desire to forget. Does not teach each generation, by means of suppression, concealment and ridicule, efface what the previous generation considered most important? Have we not just had the experience that a long, horrible, monstrous war has been forgotten, gainsaid, distorted and dismissed by all nations? And now that they have had a short respite, are not the same nations trying to recall by means of exiting war novels what they themselves caused and endured a few years ago? In the same way, the day of rediscovery will come for the deeds and sorrows of the League, which are now either forgotten or are a laughingstock in the world, and my notes should make a small contribution towards it.

One of the characteristics of the Journey to the East was that although the League aimed at quite definite, very lofty goals during this journey (they belong to the secret category and are therefore not communicable), yet every single participant could have his own private goals. Indeed, he had to have them; for no one was included who did not have such private goals, and every single one of us, while appearing to share common ideals and goals and to fight under a common flag, carried his own fond childhood dream within his heart as a source of inner strength and comfort. My own goal for the journey, about which the President questioned me before my acceptance into the League had set themselves goals which although I respected, I could not fully understand. For example, one of them, was a treasure-seeker and he thought of nothing else but of winning a great treasure which he called “Tao”. Still another had conceived the idea of capturing a certain snake to which he attributed magical powers and which he called Kundalini. My own journey and life-goal, which had colored my dreams since my late boyhood, was to see the beautiful Princess and, if possible to win her love.

At the time that I had the good fortune to join the League – that is, immediately after the end of the War of the Worlds – our country was full of saviors, prophets, and disciples, of presentiments about the end of the world, or hopes of a Grand Empire. Shattered by the war, in despair as a result of deprivation and hunger, greatly disillusioned by the seeming futility of all the sacrifices in blood and goods, our people at that time were lured by many phantoms, but there were also many real spiritual advances. There were Bacchanalian dance societies and Anabaptists groups, there was one thing after another that seemed to point to what was wonderful and beyond the veil. There was also at that time a widespread leaning towards other races – namely the Indian, ancient Persian and other Eastern mysteries and religions, and all this gave most people the impression that our ancient League was of the many newly blossomed cults, and that after a few years it would also be partly forgotten, despised and decried. The faithful amongst its disciples cannot dispute this.

How well do I remember the hour when, after the expiration of my probation year, I presented myself before the High Throne? I was given insight to the project of the Journey to the East, and after I had dedicated myself, body and soul, to this project, I was asked in a friendly what I personally hoped to gain from this journey into the legendary realm. Although blushing somewhat, I confessed frankly and unhesitatingly to the assembled officials that it was my heart’s desire to be allowed to see the Princess. The Speaker, interpreting the allusion, gently placed his hand on my head and uttered the formula which confirmed my admission as a member of the League. “Anima pia,” he said and bade me be constant in faith, courageous in danger, and to love my fellow-men. Well-schooled during my year’s probation, I took the oath, renounced the world and its superstitions and had the League ring placed on my finger to the words from one of the most beautiful chapters in our League’s history:

“On earth and in the air, in water and in fire, The spirits are subservient to him, His glance frightens and tames the wildest beasts, and even the anti-Christian must approach him with awe….etc.”

8. Volume 8 – The Filipino:

It was my destiny to join in a great experience. Having had the good fortune to belong to the League, I was permitted to be a participant in a unique journey. What wonder it had at the time! How radiant and comet-like it seemed, and how quickly it has been forgotten and allowed to fall into disrepute. For this reason, I have decided to attempt a short description of this fabulous journey, a journey the like of which had not been attempted since the days of Hugo and mad Roland. Ours have been remarkable times, this period since the problems of our times will naturally leave us troubled and confused, yet, despite this, fertile. I do not think that I am under any illusion about the difficulties of my attempts; they are very great and are not only of a subjective nature, although these alone would be considerable. For not only do I no longer possess the tokens, mementos, documents and diaries relating to the journey, but in the difficult years of misfortune, sickness and deep affliction which have elapsed since then, a large number of my recollections have also vanished. As a result of the bullets of Fate and because of the continual discouragement, my memories as well as my confidence in these earlier vivid recollections have become impaired. But apart from these purely personal notes, I am handicapped because of my former vow to the League; for although this vow permits unrestricted communication of my personal experiences, it forbids any disclosures about the League itself. And even though the League seems to have no visible existence for a long time and I have not seen any of its members again, no allurement or threat in the world would induce me to break my vow. On the contrary, if today or tomorrow I had to appear before a court martial and was given the option of dying or divulging the secret of the League, I would joyously seal my vow to the League with death.

It can be noted here that since the travel diary of the League many have nothing to do with the League and the Journey to the East, or at any rate, no more than ministers of a small sanctimonious sect have to do with the Savior, the Apostles and the Holy Ghost to whom they refer for special favor and membership. Many of its member’s journeys are not remarkable and they discovered no new territory, whereas at certain stages of our Journey to the East, although the commonplace aids of modern travel such as railways, steamers, telegraph, automobiles, airplanes, etc., were renounced, we penetrated into the heroic and magical. In that notion the belief of the conquered nations were in an extraordinary state of unreality. There was a readiness to believe in things beyond reality even though only a few barriers were actually overcome and a few advances made into the realm of a future psychiatry.


Mr. Angelo Narciso Angel


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